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Spring greetings and a few interesting things from Diversityworks Trust

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As spring approaches we thought we'd let you know what's been going on in the world of Diversityworks Trust.


  • “My Friend is a Superhero”
  • 100 Days Project: 100 Faces of Diversity
  • More Diversity on Screen campaign research
  • Mindfulness and Pain research: Participants sought
  • New website hub


My Friend is a Superhero”

Now available for $19.99 through Mighty Ape.

You know how kids stare at people in wheelchairs and aren't sure what to say? Well, we want to change that. We want kids to run up to people in wheelchairs and say, “Wow! You must be a superhero!”

My Friend is a Superhero! is a children's book about Jack, who uses a wheelchair, told by his friend, who sees all the amazing things Jack can do — like getting to school sitting down, playing basketball and doing tricks at the skate park. Jack's also really good at maths!

Written by Barbara Pike and Philip Patston, and illustrated by Sam Orchard, the book’s purpose is to influence children (and their parents) away from negative stereotypes, as well as portraying unique aspects of function and experience to encourage children’s natural curiosity.

The book is A5, 32-pages and full colour. Reading age is around 7–9 years, but we believe it would suit children aged 3–10 years and possibly older as a discussion starter about diversity.

Great for the kids for Christmas!


100 Days Project: 100 Faces of Diversity

Emma Rogan, a New Zealand designer, read about the “100 Days of Design” project on the Design Observer Blog and instantly wanted to go to the Yale School of Art to take part.  After finding out the fees were $US 55,000 and remembering her family and many other commitments at home, she decided to run her own 100 days project.

This year, Emma is running the 100 Days Project a second time and Diversityworks Trust is entering.  Our concept is “100 Faces of Diversity”.

We can finally confirm the details for the one day only 100 Days exhibition.  Mark it in your calendars!

Time: Opening evening 6pm to 10pm Saturday 14 September.  The show will also be open during the day Sunday 15 September 9am to 4pm.

Venue: The Nathan Room, 51 Galway Street, Britomart, Auckland CBD

Parking: There is limited street parking around Britomart.  There is also paid parking one minutes walk away at Britomart Car Park, or a bit further away at Downtown Carpark.

Access: The venue offers pack in and pack out access onto both Customs Street East and Galway Street.  Toilets are available on site, including accessible toilets, and the venue has wheelchair access.

The exhibition is free, and you can invite as many guests along as you like.  So come along and see the lovely faces and quotes which make up our 100 Faces of Diversity project, as well as over 150 other 100 Days projects!

In the meantime, you can still check out 100 Faces of Diversity on DPSN, or like us on Facebook to see each day as it's uploaded.


More Diversity on Screen campaign research

The More Diversity on Screen campaign set out to begin a new conversation with the public and media industry in New Zealand about disability and diversity on screen.

The More Diversity on Screen campaign ran from 24 March to 14 June 2013, and we were pleasantly surprised by the number of people who engaged with the conversation and our survey. There were over 1500 visits to the online campaign page; of these visits 728 people (48.0%) clicked in support of the campaign. Those who supported the campaign were given the option of completing an online survey and 382 responses were received as of 14 June 2013. This represented 25.2% of total visits to the campaign page and 52% of those who indicated support for the campaign.

We found resounding support for more diversity to be represented on our screens by including more portrayals of the 20% of our population who experience disability. We found also that, on the whole, the small amount of disability already on our screens is generally well-received and even, in some cases, enhances viewers’ experiences.

What we didn’t find is an easy, one-size-fits-all approach to increasing representation. However, we do have some ideas on how to make some inroads into an issue that has not previously been high on the industry’s or the public’s agenda. Several people commented that they were pleased to have this issue brought to their awareness, while this and other research demonstrates the power of the media to reflect and shape social attitudes. For these reasons we believe this is an important conversation to have initiated.

We look forward to continuing the discussion.

Download the Report of the More Diversity on Screen campaign and research (PDF 4.9MB) • Word document - excludes raw data (2.7MB)


Mindfulness and Pain research: Participants sought

Do you have experience of chronic pain (that has been affecting your ability to function in everyday life and that has lasted 3 months or more)? Are you 18 years old or over?

Have you also experienced any form of mindfulness practice or training?

Are you willing to be interviewed about your experiences related to your pain and mindfulness? This may include being taught by a health professional, or other person, or by listening to a DVD, audio recording or after reading about it and practicing it.

If so, an AUT research student is looking for people to take part in a one off interview for a project exploring people’s experiences of mindfulness in the context of pain.

This project aims to explore how mindfulness may have helped management of chronic pain and any challenges people experienced in practicing mindfulness. It is hoped this will inform how mindfulness is presented to people with chronic pain in the future.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information please contact:  Dr.  Alice Theadom, Email: alice.theadom@aut.ac.nz

APPROVED BY THE AUCKLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY ETHICS COMMITTEE on 17/06/2013 for a period of 3 years from this date (Reference 13/121)


New website hub

Finally, if you haven't lately, head over to www.diversitynz.com and experience our new online hub of diversity, creativity and social change. You'll find links to our projects, my blog and a whole heap of resources and videos that you are free to use and share.

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