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Posted by Diversityworks on 5 December 2012, 11:00 am in , , , , ,

Trust celebrates seven years of diversity

Diversityworks Trust held its seventh Annual General Meeting on Thursday 22 November.

Chairperson Carol Waterman said, "This has been our seventh year of operation and the best year yet. I think everyone would agree this is a great vehicle for social change."

Carol went on to thank the Ministry of Social Development for recognising two of the Trust's projects as worthy of investing in – Unique Extras, which aims to shift the way disability is seen in the media; and the Unique Business programme, which enabled ten people to explore options for self-employment.

"To one and all who have worked with us in the past 12 months, again thank you for helping us achieve our small but significant vision of a better world in Aotearoa."

Executive Director Philip Patston said that the Trust's decision to review its vision, mission and strategic objectives had left the organisation in a strong and agile position. "Our objectives – to continue successful projects, seek new opportunities, monitor unsuccessful projects and seek alternative approaches – allow us to take advantage of our small size and light structure," he said.

"The Trust also seeks to intentfully utilise humour and to find like-minded people and organisations with whom to partner."

You can download the Trust's Annual Report

PDF, 1.2MB or Plain Text, 28KB.