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Our projects

We ran projects in the realms of leadership, diversity, creativity and social change. To learn more about a particular project, click the links below. Projects with an asterisk (*) are ongoing.

• Unique Ability*

A site that shines a light on the uniqueness of disability.

• dpsn*

A blog that features commentary about diversity, creativity and social change.

• IGODAP* (International Guild of Disabled Artists and Performers) 

A collective of artists and performers who identify with impairment and/or disability.

• DIVINQ* (Diversity Inquiry)

An online and offline process designed for young adults, particularly senior high school students, that creates space for a light-hearted and fun yet meaningful and exploratory conversation about diversity.

• You Mean A Lot To Me

A project that aims to explore meaning and belonging in society, and their importance to mental health and wellbeing.

• My Friend is a Superhero!

A children's book, which aims to reframe disability through the lens of functional diversity. 

• Unique Extras

A project that aims to use popular culture through the media to make disabled people visible in everyday life.

• Unique Business

A six-month intensive self-employment mentoring and coaching programme.

• As Love Draws Near 

A music video by Philip Patston, creative and social entrepreneur, telling the story of how we all have the opportunity to move from fear to love by removing the labels that tie us down. 

• Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day is a national campaign aimed to raise awareness of how to prevent bullying.

• How Diversity Works

An exhibition that aimed to develop a more in-depth dialogue about diversity – moving beyond the usual characteristics of culture, race, gender, disability, sexuality

• Unique Sense

A project that aimed to build a collection of short films (3-5 mins long) that capture images, words and ideas about diversity and human rights and present them in an inspiring and creative multi-media mix of still images, moving images and sound.

• Creative Momentum

An archived collection of keynote addresses and interviews on creative diversity, compiled during 2009.